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“Cloud First”


Identacor enables a fast, secure and single sign-on access to today’s most
widely used cloud applications.

A Secure Office-in-the-Cloud

Avoid the Complexities of Dirsync, ADFS,
Manual User Provisioning, and Active Directory.
Identacor delivers all-day single-sign-on
access for Identacor Office 365.

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With Just OneClick

All of Your Logins

Access all the apps you use from one place – no passwords needed

Strengthen Security Strengthen Security
Eliminate the security and cost burden of using passwords while ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive cloud apps.
Simplify Administration Simplify Administration
Notably boost manageability across all of your company’s web applications and end-user identities, provsioning and deprovisioning access in just a few clicks.
Increase Productivity Increase Productivity
Save hours of administrative time with Identacor’s one-step authentication process – anytime, anywhere, on any device. With Identacor, employees can get right to business.
Improve Transparency Improve Transparency
Get real-time insight into your employees’ cloud activities and make documented decisions around company policies and procedures.

What is Identacor?

Identacor is a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution that provides secure, one-click access to all of your company’s corporate web applications. Beyond mere conveniences, Identacor enables central management of the provisioning, access, and use of company software as a service (SasS) and Web applications.

Authorized employees enjoy convenient single-sign-on access to all of your company’s cloud applications – anywhere in the world and on any device. So you stay in complete control over how your employees access business applications. You also gain expanded visibility into how work is conducted, with superior security and access controls to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. Identacor is a comprehensive and indispensable cloud application management solution.

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What is Identacor?Identacor Value Proposition

Why Choose Identacor?

We work hard to make mobility simple.
Identacor takes cloud mobility to a whole new level. Access all of your web applications in one click – anytime, on any device, and from any location in the world. Identacor makes security and mobility simple
We bring a wealth of industry experience.
We deliver superior business solutions backed by state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience in Cloud computing, identity management, and access management.
We listen to you.
Identacor listens to your cloud computing concerns and presents intelligent solutions that are customized to suit your operations. We’re experts in our field because we take the time to understand your business and requirements.
We offer a secure and reliable environment.
Our service is hosted on the powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology platform, delivering an elevated level of security with industry-recognized certifications and audits including PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II.
We offer turnkey implementation.
Identacor simplifies cloud application configuration so users can connect instantly with a single sign-on. Access web applications securely. One password is all you will ever need.
We guarantee remarkable service and support.
A real cloud partner, Identacor provides support and education from the get-go. We at Team Identacor extend a friendly hand each and every step of the way to ensure your optimal convenience and peace-of-mind.

Read what others say

  • I was able to accomplish more with Identacor in a couple hours than 3 months of working with other vendor’s products.  SAML was new to us but the Identacor solution was simple to use and configure. Overall, we had an exceptional experience!.
  • Identacor was with us every step of the way from start to finish.  Their knowledge and domain expertise was second to none.  I was very pleased with the support and I was surprised at how simple the Identacor service was to use and set up.
  • Phil Matheson, Asterisk Solutions
  • Mary M., Fortune 500 Company

Identacor is Your Complete Cloud Identity Management* Partner.

Get rid of the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.
Single Sign-On for web applications – it’s simple and done right.