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What is Identacor?

Identacor is a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution. Identacor provides secure, one-click access to all of your company’s corporate web applications.

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Why Choose Identacor?

24/7 Compliance

Detailed reporting and actionable insight into your organization’s SaaS usage. Learn More

Single Sign-On

Users can log in once and get one-click access to all their apps. Learn More

Improved IT Performance

Centrally control and securely manage all of your company’s apps, users, and access needs from one place. Learn More

Adoption of New Technology

Identacor eliminates the barrier of forgotten passwords. Users will embrace new applications and use them frequently. Learn More

How it works

Safe and Secure Access to your Apps in 4 Easy Steps

  • Eliminating Passwords
  • Instant Access from Anywhere
  • Thousands of Applications
  • Security

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How It works

Single Sign-on for any App

Awesome Features

Plans & Pricing

Basic Plan

$ 1.00
user / mo

  • Starts with 25 Users Add Unlimited Users
  • 10 Apps
  • Online Support
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Pro Plan

$ 5.00
user / mo

  • Starts with 5 Users Add Unlimited Users
  • 100 Apps
  • Online Support
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Enterprise Plan

For Pricing

  • Starts with 250 Users
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Enhanced Support
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