10 Geeky Fathers Who Are Also Safeguarding The Web!

Father’s Day is just less than a week away and internet is flooded with gift ideas, pinspirations and hashtags to kick-off the most stirring occasion for all the fathers out there. Annual Father’s Day is not just a great time to show affection to your dad with a perfect gift but it is also the right time to thank him for all he did to make you into the adult you are today and tell how his influences has shaped your life now and in past!

Father's DayTo show our gratitude, we’ve rounded up 10 geeky fathers who are not just amazing dads but are also great online security professionals. Thank you guys for building secure infrastructure solutions or managing enterprise accounts to protect people from perilous Web threats, cybercrimes and breaches. Because of you, online workers are carefree and secure!

  1. Marc Uydess

Marc is a technical security analyst, gadget geek and father based in New Jersey. He specializes in monitoring retail and corporate environment and now associated with Jones Apparel Group.

  1. James Costello

James Constello is the security consultant and father.

  1. Brian Zaugg

Brian Zaugg is an IT Infrastructure and security professional with avid reading skills. He has over 15 years’ experience in designing, integrating, and deploying enterprise-grade infrastructure solutions. He is also a father of two.

  1. Sam Buchanan

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota – Sam Buchanan is a developer, Identity Management and OPS professional and software security expert. He is Father of three young kids.

  1. Johnantan Pereira

Johnathan Pereira is the Information Security Professional at Morphus in Brazil. His expertise include post/pre sales engineering in security solutions, developing technical security projects and integrating disparate technologies. He is a father too.

  1. Avi Rubin

Avi Rubin is a Computer Science Professor at Johns Hopkins University and Technical Director at JHU Information Security Institute. His latest research focuses on security for electronic medical records. He is a high-tech Dad of three.

  1. Chris Abdalla

Chris Abdalla is the INFOSec Security Geek. He is the Security Solutions Architect at HP Enterprise Security, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico Area. He is also an amazing father.

  1. Matt Chiodi

Matt Chiodi is a Solution Architect and an accomplished technology leader. He is an all-in-all security guy with broadly diversified experience. He based in Philadelphia with his kids.

  1. Sean Smith

Sean Smith is an Information Security Consultant, Father and an age group triathlete. He is an inspirational father and an avid tech professional.

  1. Mark Blair

Mark Blair is a PC Tech and Information Security Professional promoting online safety and security. He is based in Michigan and a Father off course.

It’s never too late to say you care. If you haven’t found anything so far for your super hero, go browse the internet! 😉 Happy Father’s Day!


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