About Identacor

The Story

Identacor is a trusted cloud-based technology firm that specializes in Identity and Access Management for organizations of all sizes. We deliver the functionality and support businesses need to elevate data security and employee productivity.


Since we began helping businesses with Identity and Access Management in 1998, wea��ve navigated through countless industry innovations. Through the years, desktop applications have migrated to the Web and a multitude of computing devices have become the business norm.

Thata��s why we design solutions that evolve along with your business demands, with a promise to help you eliminate repetitive tasks without limiting your options. We keep your organization profitable with transparency into your employeesa�� cloud activities, single-click sign-on from any Internet-connected location or device, and the ability to centrally manage the provisioning, access, and usage of your software as a service (SaaS) and Web applications.

We keep you secure with technology that is hosted on the leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, delivering rapid user authentication and user management and enabling complex log-in and password policies without complicating sign-on. We keep your operations flexible with single sign-on support for all SAML 2.0 applications, access to a vast catalog of preconfigured applications, and our own proprietary browser extension technology to support apps that dona��t allow for native single sign-on protocols. At Identacor, wea��re also a proud Zendesk and Kintone integration partner.

Identacor LLC is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.