Higher Reliability, Lower Cost!

Free up your business from challenging identity infrastructure and maintenance cost.
Save hours with secure management over the cloud, improve reliability with 24/7 availability and enjoy a greater return on investment.

Quick On-Demand Deployment of Apps

Found a new app that can improve productivity of your workforce? Deploy it in minutes with Identacor’s comprehensive App catalog or instinctive support for instant custom configuration. App set-up involves no time-consuming installations or complex integrations.

Centralized User Management

Identacor provides access to your corporate users stores from the cloud. It integrates with disparate Directory Services, such as Active Directory and LDAP, and brings user profiles together for secure management of employee access.

Next Gen Identity Management

Identacor not just eliminates infrastructure and maintenance cost but it also allows businesses to pay for what you need and when you want i.e. you can scale up or down your identity plan as per need, no devoted investments required.