Single Sign On for Education

Identacor gives you one-click access to all of your institutions apps and resources from any device.

One-Click Sign on with the Identacor Application Portal

Imagine the frustration when a student sits at school desktop or tablet and they have to log in to every resource individually every time. Most young people today expect a seamless experience where they can move swiftly from one app to another without a login screen to be seen. With Identacor, each app is just a click away - instant access, no login screens or passwords, on any device.

Access on Every Device

Identacor secures Chromebooks, iOS (iPad, IPhone, etc.) and Android devices so users can access and user their regular tools through their secure Identacor account seamlessly.

Single Sign-On for All Apps

Identacor supports more than 5000 applications for one-click single sign-on access using just one password. You can also implement custom web based apps very easily. View all of our SSO apps.

Eliminate Logins

Identacor helps reduce and/or eliminate user credentials through various techniques including SAML, OAuth, Auto-Provisioning and other commonly supported Internet standards and protocols.

Apps That Matter

With most institutions apps in use are increasing at a rate of about 100 per year,
Identacor provides support for a wide variety of apps and thousands more

Active Directory Integration

Identacor integrates directly with your on-premise Active Directory and supports local Identacor credentials for parents or other external users.

When a user accesses the school network with their Active Directory domain credentials, they are automatically signed into Identacor too and are therefore a single click away from all their apps without a login screen in sight.

Minimal Amount of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Ultimate control of your user identities remains within your organization/institution.

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