Awesome Features


The creative input by our customers is transformed by our developers into the continuously growing feature list of Identacor.


No Coding, No Installations

Identacor allows instant access to all your files, applications and devices with a single sign-on. You don’t need to install expensive software suite, buy a fast computer with large amounts of memory or keep track of constant updates to optimize the performance of this cloud-based service.

The beauty of Identacor is in the simplicity of its design. It’s a one-stop portal that does not need any input coding in order to use it. Without any complicated IT knowledge required, Identacor reduces your dependence on the IT personnel.


SAML Support

SAML is an XML-based open standard data format that stands for Security Assertion Markup Language. As a leading industry standard, SAML lets enterprise users log into many of the leading cloud applications using their existing corporate credentials. It also provides users with the security and convenience of having to remember only a single set of credentials when accessing one or more SAML-enabled applications.


Integrated with Thousands of Cloud Apps

Thanks to the cloud, millions of business travelers can set-up mobile offices and access files and applications from wherever they wish. Identacor uses an elegant, yet simple technology that provides a safer way to manage the cloud accounts of your employees.

Identacor is integrated with many of the most popular business web applications in the world, such as Salesforce.com, BOX, Google Apps and many more. This innovation allows users to take their business with them on the fly with the friendliest cloud partner in the world—Identacor.


Simple User and Group Administration

Identacor is a secure portal where your employees can log-in with one password and instantly gain access to all their cloud applications. It is a streamlined approach to providing your employees with all the information and programs in one place.

Identacor comes equipped with a simple user and group administration so that you can control which employee can gain access to which application. It allows you to instantly remove access from a user who may no longer be with your company using the user and group administration feature. This selective access system eradicates the need of IT personnel, thus preventing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.


Identacor Application Portal

Identacor provides the convenience of a single sign-on system for your company, with only one password that you need in order to unlock all of your cloud applications spanning the web. Once your user is signed on to Identacor, they instantly gain access to all the web applications integrated with the company. One click and they are immediately connected to the application of their choice. Such is the ease and security that can be achieved by incorporating Identacor.


Audit Logging and Reporting

Identacor allows you to analyze your employees’ activities within the cloud. Its reporting feature is a great way to keep track of whether your company’s resources are being used in the most efficient manner or not.

Acting as an accurate instrument to gain a full audit trail and report on your employee’s activities, Identacor’s reporting feature allows you to make important decisions based on users’ applications and login activities. It allows you to construct or reconstruct strategies accordingly. Identacor works hand-in-hand with your company towards mutual improvement and success.


Configurable Security Settings

Identacor allows you to strengthen your security with its wide array of security settings. It is designed with a multifactor authentication, which makes up the core of its identity management service. You can expect full functionality, extensive security and ease of use, which are also applied to all the facets of the Identacor service. Since these security settings are built in, you don’t need a third party solution to ensure the protection of your data.

With features like custom password policies, Identacor is serious about protecting your account and cloud applications. You can customize Identacor’s settings depending on the level of sensitivity that you wish to employ on your application. You can also control when to ask your users for additional verification. With Identacor, you can configure your security settings according to your company’s policies and needs.


Secure Auto-Login

For applications that are not built to support native SSO protocol and are complex in nature, Identacor features Secure Auto-Login for such applications. By pasting user information into the system, Identacor Auto-login seamlessly uses the credentials provided by user or an admin and allows you to log on to the application using the extension to post. The browser extension is available on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome. The Secure Auto-Login extensions can be downloaded from the Downloads page of the Identacor website.


Open Platform for Integration

The Identacor REST API allows you to manage Identacor using external tools. The API allows you to perform common tasks such as management of users and groups and other operations that are possible in Identacor.

It’s simple to use and friendly, even for non-technical users.


Identacor Mobile

Being on the go never again means being out of the loop. Identacor Mobile for iOS/Android enables secure and single click access to your web apps, provides a tabbed browser interface, and ensures your privacy with multifactor or pin password protection plus much more – all from your handset. Identacor is committed to providing you with tools that keep you connected no matter where you are or what device you are using. Users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.


Secure Sharing

Using Identacor’s Secure Sharing feature, you can securely share logins and passwords with with users in your organization. Your Identacor administrator can setup the credentials for a new application and then share the application with the appropriate team members, without having to exposure the login credentials. And of course you can revoke access whenever needed. All application accesses using Sharing are auditable and traced back to the Identacor user who is accessing the application.


Directory Integration

Active Directory (LDAP) allows your users to login using their Active Directory credentials whether they’re actually in the office, working from home, or using a smartphone. Identacor Desktop SSO allows enterprise users that are connected to their Corporate network in a windows domain enviornment to access Identacor without entering a username or password. The Identacor Active Directory agent helps organizations automate the creation and removal of Identacor accounts from one more more Active Directory domains.