How it Works

How it Works

Safe & Secure Access to your Apps in 4 Easy Steps

Say goodbye to multiple authentication credentials and log-in forms. With Identacor, you can have one-click access to all your cloud applications. Get connected in four easy steps.


Configure Your Apps

Through a single sign-on process, you can easily configure Identacor to connect with hundreds of web applications. Gain access to the most used business applications on the web in an instant. Our excellent customer service team will help you with complex integration processes.


Assign Users

Identacor values your company’s security and ensures that your applications end up in the right hands. With Identacor, administrators can create, update and delete user accounts as needed. They can also reset user passwords and assign users to appropriate groups.


Access Your Applications

Identacor works to make your cloud computing experience easier. With its one-time authentication process, your users can gain instant access to their key web applications. This gives way to a smoother, time-saving experience. The Identacor portal opens up to all of your web application options with only one click. There is no need for separate log-ins and passwords for each. That’s what you call convenience.


Sit Back and Relax

Identacor is designed to make life in the cloud easy. That is why it is equipped with features that allow you to get your business done whenever and wherever you need it done. With the convenience and functionality of Identacor, a whole new cloud computing experience is made possible. At Identacor, where user satisfaction comes first, work becomes pleasurable.