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Internet of Things (IoT) Is Mounting Up Fast, Are You Ready?

Posted by Mia Johanson

Internet of Things (IoT) is no doubt making its way into the mainstream as we embrace more and more connected technologies into business. The development is probably slow but no matter how it plays out in the time to come, there will obviously be implications for the enterprise. So, even Read more

10 Geeky Fathers Who Are Also Safeguarding The Web!

Posted by Mia Johanson

Father’s Day is just less than a week away and internet is flooded with gift ideas, pinspirations and hashtags to kick-off the most stirring occasion for all the fathers out there. Annual Father’s Day is not just a great time to show affection to your dad with a perfect gift Read more

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Mia Johanson is an internet security consultant with CA based Identacor. She is particularly interested in big data and cloud technologies that are shaping workplace collaboration and our online experiences. Mia is a veteran in cloud computing, tech trends and identity and access management solutions. She can be reached at @MiaJohanson.

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