Focus on Bottom-line, Security First!

Identacor takes enterprise security to a new level with its advanced cross-platform and
cross-device user identity and access management solution.

Integrated Identity Control For All Apps

Integrate all users, apps and devices to a single integrated dashboard, on-premises or on-cloud, and revel in a seamlessly connected and secure work environment with Identacor’s comprehensive identity and access management suite.

Say YES to Cloud First Strategy!

If your business is not cloud-ready owing to false security alarms, you’re already late to the party. Join cloud revolution today with Identacor identity-as-service and save hours with secure execution of corporate compliance policy in an instant.

End-to-End User Management

Fortunately, you can now boot out the rigorous tasks of everyday user management with Identacor’s intuitive on-the-go user provisioning and de-provisioning as you hire new employees, revise job roles or existing employees leave the organization.

Pre-configured Support For Over 2500 Apps

Identacor offers native support for more than 2500 apps incuding Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Apps, DocuSign, SuccessFactors and more.You can also add configure connections to any SAML supported application in real-time.

Image-Based Authentication

Protect your users, data and apps with Identacor’s Image-Based Authentication. With Identacor, you can require your users to use two forms of authentication when they sign into the Identacor service.

Reduce Forgotten Password and Increase Adoption with SAML

SAML eliminates passwords and enables your organization’s users to access connected applications without entering a password each time. SAML makes it simple and convenient to access applications which makes it easier to start using them more.