The Enterprise Cloud Revolution is Here

As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new model of application deployment and adoption consisting of both on-premise and SaaS applications, controlling who is granted access to which applications becomes increasingly important. If you are looking for an Enterprise Grade Identity and Access Management system to let your stakeholders exchange enterprise data in a SECURE environment that SCALES IN REAL TIME according to the needs and offers a convenient ACCESSIBLE end-user application portal, you’re at the right place. Enterprises everywhere are using Identacor to manage access across any application, person or device to increase security, make people more productive, and maintain compliance.

24/7 Compliance

Take on-premises IT policies to the cloud and ensure 24/7 compliance throughout the organization. Get instant provisioning and deprovisioning of team members, integrated through Active Directory (AD), control app usage and provide employees with a native access to all their Apps and devices with a single login credentials.

Improved IT Performance

More and more businesses are embracing cloud tech because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. Similarly, cloud-based identity management system saves IT department from the hassle of complex integrations, manual user provisioning/deprovisioning, bulks of passwords, etc. Thus, it improves IT performance and enables them to do more with minimum resources.

Budget Friendly Subscription

Cloud based identity management not juts eases the pain of extensive IT infrastructure and management but it also relieves businesses from the recurrent cost of installations for each new app or feature. Identacor provides pay-as-you-go identity services across platforms and devices with an investment as low as $1.

Adoption of New Technology

The cloud based identity and access management (IAM) accelerates adoption of new technologies in the organization. The adaptable cloud model and service-oriented model decouples infrastructure from the devices, and therefore, enables quick and seamless access to more and more technologies.

Take Security to the Next Level with Identacor’s Enterprise Identity

Identity Management
Application Control
Win-Win for all
Scalable Infrastrucutre

Secure Identity On The Move

Empower your enterprise with our seamless Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) and enjoy 360-degree compliance on and off premises.

Single Login For Your Favorite Apps

With over 2500 preconfigured applications, Identacor makes identity and access management (IAM) a breeze with SAML based Single Sign-On (SSO) available across devices.

Our Mission Is To Ensure Security For Our Valued Partners

Whether you are identity ready or just getting started, we are here to help you become secure and agile.

The Success of Our Infrastructure Lies In Your Growth

Our robust and scalable infrastructure is built using state-of-the-art technologies and we are determined to deliver secure, steadfast and accessible identity management services to enterprises of all sizes.


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